Podcasting Package



Pre-production guidance regarding your show's format and technical needs
Equipment recommendations and setup assistance
Training videos and materials
Help with setting up your data hosting service
Professionally voiced intro and outro with music
Pre-show testing of your audio equipment and Dropbox setup


Removing 3-5 unwanted audio segments (e.g., long pauses, outtakes, etc.) - additional editing billed at $50 per hour
You can just send us a list of unwanted audio segments (including the exact times to be cut), and we'll remove them from the recording. We can also offer more in depth listening/editing at a rate of $50 per hour.
Adding any commercials or special audio segments
Adding professional compression, noise reduction, volume adjusting, and equalization to your voice (and your interview guest’s voice)
Mixing audio to MP3
Adding ID3 tags
Podcast cover artwork design (will be added to show listing and to each episode)


Uploading the show and each episode to the hosting service
Listing your podcast on Apple’s iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher Radio
Uploading your podcast show to your website
Analytics for tracking download numbers

Pricing bundles

6 episodes @ $115 per episode (includes initial setup) - $750 total
12 episodes @ $105 per episode (includes initial setup) - $1,260 total
18 episodes @ $95 per episode (includes initial setup) - $1,710 total
30 episodes @ $75 per episode (includes initial setup) - $2,250 total

Optional Add-Ons

Audio engineer and/or co-host present during scheduled recording = $75 per hour
If you prefer, one of our audio engineers can be present during the recording of your podcast episode(s) to resolve any technical problems that may arise.
Second-by-second listening/editing = $50 per hour
Typed episode synopsis to accompany each episode’s audio player on your website, email campaign, etc. = $115 per episode (500-word maximum)
Podcast distribution via email marketing system, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (see https://www.highbridgemedia.com/content-distribution/)