Website and Email Marketing Setup Package


Design and Functionality

Website domain registration (first year only)
Website data hosting (first year only)
Website data backups (first year only)
Custom website design (i.e. colors, fonts, layout, graphics, etc.)
Custom header logo graphic
Large featured image for front page
Custom pages/tabs/categories (i.e. book’s feature page, author’s bio page, blogposts, etc.)
Content management system, enabling easy updating and new blog posting
We will teach you how to upload and edit your blogposts.
Mobile responsive design (website will display optimally on mobile phones)
Discussion/commenting system (allows you to interact with your followers)
Keyword search system
E-commerce capability (i.e. Shopify purchase buttons for selling books, etc.)
E-mail contact form page with custom contact form
Regular software updates (first year only)

Website Marketing Features

Search engine optimization system for every page
Analytics to track blog readership, website pageviews, and referral sources
Social media integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and/or YouTube (if applicable)
E-mail marketing system integrated with your website (powered by
This email marketing system will enable people to opt-in to your e-mail list on your website, enabling you to accumulate e-mail addresses for people interested in your books, etc. You will be notified each time a person subscribes and will have access to analytics for tracking e-mail open rates and click-through rates for each e-mail. We will help you setup your first email campaign (i.e., upload a spreadsheet of your e-mail contacts, upload a header image for your e-mails, and upload any sidebar graphics that you would like to include in your e-mail template).
We will provide a video tutorial to demonstrate how to optimize your blogposts for search engines.


Payment options
  • One lump sum payment = $1140
  • 4 quarterly payments of $294 (total = $1176)
  • 12 monthly payments of $100 (total = $1200)
After the initial construction and launch of the website, occasional, minor content updates will be made to the website at no extra charge. Frequent and/or major updates to the website (e.g. new graphics) will be billed on a per-project basis at a rate of $75 per hour.
After the first year, annual data hosting and domain registration fees will be charged at a rate of $99.99 per year ($83 for the data hosting and $16.99 for the domain renewal).
Optional e-mail marketing features (price depends on size of e-mail list)
  • Automated e-mail responder sequence sent to new subscribers
  • Pop-up e-mail subscription form
Optional website security software/monitoring available for $360 per year
  • Real-time IP Blacklist - Blocks all requests from IP addresses that are actively attacking sites like yours. It improves protection while improving site performance.
  • Real-time Firewall Rule Updates - Leverages firewall rules to identify and block malicious traffic to your website, protecting you from the latest WordPress attacks and security vulnerabilities.
  • Reputation Checks - Checks to see if your site or IP have been listed on three different blacklists for malicious activity, generating spam, or spamvertizing during each scan.
  • Country Blocking - Designed to stop an attack, prevent content theft or end malicious activity that originates from a geographic region in less than 1/300,000th of a second.