Webinar Production Package

Offering webinars (live or pre-recorded) has become one of the most efficient and effective ways for thought leaders to grow their email lists and introduce themselves, their products, and their services to new people. If you’re interested in hosting a webinar to promote your book—or, another type of product, service, or cause—consider experimenting with webinars. In addition to serving a live audience, your webinar recordings will serve as premium content to share with your followers for months and years to come! And we're here to help!

Services included

Before the webinar...
  • Guidance on how to prepare your webinar presentation (e.g., displaying slide presentation, webinar duration/agenda, etc.)
  • Setting up and managing webinar registration
  • Assistance with crafting/sending the email(s) to promote the webinar
During the webinar...
  • 30-minute pre-webinar test meeting to ensure everything is working smoothly before the webinar begins
  • Access to premium Zoom webinar software for delivering the webinar
  • Setting up and managing the technology during the webinar
  • Assistance with gathering questions from the audience during the Q&A portion of the webinar (if applicable)
After the webinar...
  • Assistance with crafting/sending the follow-up email after the webinar
  • Access to MP4 video recording of the webinar
  • Guidance on how to distribute the webinar recording via Facebook and YouTube
  • Detailed report on registrations, attendance, and participation


$250 for first webinar ($175 for each additional webinar)